Ermine's House
Dark Peak, Shadowy Mountains

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by Bernard Herrmann
Other than Villa Rose, FANTOMALLARD had others secret hideouts, one of these is called the Ermine's House, which is discovered by Donald reading an old book about the mysterious gentleman thief, that he found in the Duckburg public library.
This hideout, which is located on Dark Peak in the middle of the Shadowy Mountains, is shown as a creepy stone manier, pretty different from Villa Rose which was mainly made of wood.
The story in which the Ermine's House is shown is titled PAPERINIK CONTRO LE GIOVANI MARMOTTE (DUCK AVENGER AGAINST THE JUNIOR WOODCHUCKS). In this adventure some of the Ermine's House interiors as well as some of the tricks and the secret underground hideout are well shown.
In the main livingroom, there is a mobile fireplace similar to the one in Villa Rose, but in this case behind it a big hammering hand trap against intruders is hidden.
In the main living room shifting the arm of an ancient medieval armour, it is possible to access an underground tunnel which leads to FANTOMALLARD' secret hideout protected by a trap floor in front of the door.
In this smaller and simpler hideout respect to the one in Villa Rose, all that is needed for the missions (maskes, outfits, special devices, spare costumes ecc...) can be found; a curtain hides the entrance to an abandoned mine gallery which was used by FANTOMALLARD as an emergency exit in case of danger.
This gallery, which can be utilized using a trail cart, leaves into an exit well disguisedbetween some trees brances, placed in a precipice in front of the lonely valley, where sometimes the Junior woodchucks organized their mountain campouts.
The Ermine's House is again shown by Gervasio in the history FANTOMIUS SULLA NEVE (FANTOMALLARD ON THE SNOW). From this adventure, set in the 20s, it appears that probably the original name of the Ermine's house was woodchuck's House and that perhaps the name was changed after the closing of the Ermine's Hotel he also located in the same area of Drak Peak in the Shadowy Mountains
In this story some beautiful vintage images of the interior of the mountain house of FANTOMALLARD and Dolly Paprika are shown, including a living room with fireplace and the main entrance.

An interesting representation of the Ermine's house is made by the talented architect/Disney artist Blasco Pisapia in one of his special articles entitled: Duckburg city guide, published on the Italian comic book TOPOLINO in September of 2014.

For the mission in snow environment it is logically to guess that Fantomallard and Dolly Paprika worn some special outfit more suitable during the snow winter period.