Dismal Valley Manor

This reproduction of a medieval castle appears for the first time in the story PAPERINIK COLPISCE ANCORA (DUCK AVENGER STRIKES AGAIN).
Located in Dismal Valley, a difficult accessible area in the north-east of Duckburg, it is one of several secret hideout of FANTOMALLARD presumably also built in the last decades of the 1500s by Duke Richard Quackett better known as Mad Duke who was an ancestor of Lord John Quackett alias FANTOMALLARD
In the story DUCK AVENGER STRIKES AGAIN that bleak manor was bought by Scrooge who intends to exploit it as a tourist attraction and museum.
Clearly Donald in the role of both DUCK AVENGER and the "ghost" of FANTOMALLARD prevents the rich uncle in complicity with Gladstone to use a place linked to the memory of the gentleman thief, and at the end he also obliged Scrooge to donate the income of the opening night.
The main entrance of the castle leads to a large living room where on the side Right two large portraits of FANTOMALLARD and Dolly Paprika are present.
On the left wall there is the fireplace and the large staircase that leads upstairs to the bedrooms.
In the living room wall opposite the entrance, behind a library shelf, there is the secret refuge of FANTOMALLARD. The secret mechanism to open the library and allow the access to the refuge is activated by moving the right foot of a large marble statue placed at the side of the shelf.
Inside the secret refuge there are a vintage armchair and boxes with several gadgets and the inevitable latex masks widely used by the gentleman thief and his girl friend. From this area through a series of secret passages it is possible to access and observe all the rooms of the castle.
Upstairs a long corridor leads to other rooms and areas including the bedroom room of Lord Quackett and Dolly Duck. Along the corridor are hung several disturbing portraits that can assume different expressions by a simple olographic trick.
Because the old style of these paintings we can assume that they were put on by the Mad Duke himself to frighten or mock ,according to his style, his guests.
The bedroom of FANTOMALLARD and Dolly Paprika features the typical old style bed with a fireplace and a large window.
It is easy to imagine how every room of the castle is equipped with some secret passage to be used in case of emergency.